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Category: TV & Film

A podcast that reviews graphic novels within the context of art and story based on their relationship to popular media.

September 17, 2021

Episode 60 - Snowpiercer

Bear, Josh and Jenn are joined by three-peat guest Jason Taylor to talk about the movie, show and comic of Snowpiercer! Just how French is this comic book? Is the movie better than the show? And how many references can we possibly make to "the D"? Tune in to find out!

September 4, 2021

Episode 59 - Two Guns

Bear, Jenn and Josh are joined once again by Bear's brother, Luke Wieser, to talk about the sleeper action movie and Boom! comic, Two Guns. How did we not see this movie when it came out? How much did 80's action movies influence this story? And why would you ever give away everything in the trailer? Tune in for these questions and more!

August 20, 2021

Episode 58 - Invincible

Josh, Jenn and Bear and joined by Bill Jackson to discuss the Robert Kirkman graphic novel and Amazon TV series - Invincible! Is there anything bad that Jason Mantzoukas is bad in, Clancy Brown is mentioned again and we talk about that TWIST.

August 6, 2021

Episode 57 - Oldboy

Josh, Jenn and Bear are joined by Lucas Greene to talk both movie versions and the first manga of Oldboy. Hammers, taboos and an in depth conversation about which ending was worse? Better? Worse?

TW: If you haven't seen Oldboy, there are trigger warnings all over this one. If you haven't seen either versions of the movie, you might want to skip this episode or spoil yourself before listening.

July 23, 2021

Episode 56 - The Spirit

Bear, Jenn and Josh welcome Mark Paar to discuss The Spirit! Will Eisner, the godfather of the graphic novel, features heavily in a discussion about cringy period racism, that Nazi scene and Jenn's intense dislike of Dick Tracy!

July 9, 2021

Episode 55 - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Jenn, Bear and Josh are joined by three-time guest Reid Wooldridge to talk about the final More Moore episode - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! What was Nemo's plan? Is the movie bad or good? And how many English literary references can you possibly fit into one graphic novel? Tune in to answer these questions and Moore!

June 25, 2021

Episode 54 - Wynonna Earp

Jenn, Bear and Josh are joined by Justin Stacy to talk about Wynonna Earp! Is trash TV good for you? Can comics featuring scantily clad women also have good plot? And we go inside Josh's "bookshelf of shame".

June 11, 2021

Episode 53 -Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Bear, Jenn and Josh are joined by special guest Jason L Blair of Fun Sized Games to discuss The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Josh screwed up the audio on this one. How does it stack up to Riverdale? How is this comic like the old horror pulps? And when someone says "Sabrina, no!" why is her immediate reaction "SABRINA YES!"?

May 28, 2021

Episode 52 - Justice League

Josh, Jenn and Bear are joined by Rojir McCrady and Kat Essman to discuss both the Whedon and Snyder cuts of the Justice League! Kat appeals to other DC fans in the very beginning, the entire crew gets into several shouting matches (in a good way) and we introduce the new hashtag #ReleaseTheEssmannCut!

May 13, 2021

Episode 51 - WandaVision

Welcome back for Season 5! Josh, Bear and Jenn are joined by RetConversations host Leia Cameron to talk about WandaVision! Should we really have chosen House of M to read for this? How is casting in the MCU so good? And will there ever be a Black Widow movie?